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Hide My IP

How to hide my IP address

 People have various reasons why they hide my IP addresses. Which involves masking the geographical location and prevent any website tracking. Being able to mask your IP enables you to access any content in the world even the ones that are restricted to a particular web audience. When you manage to hide your IP, you avoid any digital footprint and bypass the content filters, blacklisting and web bans. There are various ways of hiding your IP which include using VPN service, Tor, public Wi-Fi or the use of proxy server; however VPN service stands out to be the best and safest method to mask your web identity.

How to use VPN service?

 Signing up for VPN service is what you need to become anonymous when going online as the service will be displaying a different IP from the one you are using. The service gives you the opportunity to choose the IP address you need to use form any country you like.

What are the benefits of using VPN to change your IP?

There are many advantages you get from using VPN to hide your IP address, and they are as follows;  You get to enjoy privacy and anonymity; when you hide your IP using VPN you become anonymous, and no one can trace you since you will be using the VPN IP. The VPN also displays IP of a different country from where you are thus all your online transactions will be undetectable. VPN enhances online security; one of the significant online risks is the attack by hackers who infect your data with the virus, but when using VPN service you become immune to hackers since they are unable to trace you. VPN prevents ISP bandwidth regulating; internet providers tend to slow down internet connections, but when using VPN service they will be unable to monitor your activities online.  The VPN service gives you the freedom you need online as it gives you the chance to maneuver through different platforms without any restriction and remain safe since no one can track your activities. Remain safe and enjoy your privacy by signing up for VPN service.