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What Is VPN

What is Vpn And The Benefits of using VPN

What is VPN? Simple term is Virtual Private Network. The rest of this article will show you the Benefits of using VPN.

With the ever-increasing threat of communication tapping when using the internet, most organizations and people are opting to use the VPN technology to protect their communication against prying eyes of the hackers.

VPN technology provides more than just creating a private network; it provides a new level of experience to the communicating parties. Therefore, here are some of the core benefits of using the VPN technology.

  1. Facilitates remote control of resources

    Most companies are finding it beneficial to allow their staff to access the organization’s network resources without necessarily availing themselves at their office premises.

    Therefore, with VPN, the organization’s staff can connect to the corporate network and work remotely as if they were within the organization’s premises.

  1. It enhances communication security

Whenever people send communication over VPN, the information becomes encrypted before sending, thus making it hard for the hacker/intruder to decode whatever has been communicated.

Even better with VPN is the provision for double VPN which allows for double encryption of the communication before relaying it over a network. With the security features incorporated in the VPN technology, it is possible to protect personal and financial information among other critical data sent over a network.

  1. Provides one with the option of surfing the internet without disclosing their identity

With VPN, one can browse the web with absolute anonymity. Due to VPN’s anonymous identity features, it is possible for anybody to access websites that only allow persons from specific geographical locations among other policy restrictions.

  1. Protects your network against DDOs attacks

With VPN, your server can acquire a dedicated IP for all its communications. However, with a dedicated IP comes the challenge of targeted attacks from the attackers. It is important to note that VPN has an anti DDos feature which makes it possible to hide the server’s real IP while filtering all the traffic that’s designated to the connection.

By making such configurations to your VPN connection, you end up misleading and blocking any potential attacker, thus guaranteeing the safety of your network resources against DDoS attacks.

  1. Enhanced Privacy of communication

There are privacy solutions that have been developed and integrated into VPN to guarantee your privacy while surfing over the internet.  One such solution is onion over VPN which makes it possible for one to pass their internet traffic through the Onion servers and access the information through the Onion Browser. This process ensures there’s user’s privacy is maintained as they browse over the internet.